EAPPREN project has developed two electronic resources in order to promote apprenticeships and the active role of Intermediary Organisations in the partner countries.

E-Learning Platform: In the e-learning platform of the project, there are available two courses, one addressed to Intermediary Organisations and one addressed to SMEs. The main aim of the courses is to develop the capacity (both of the intermediary organisations and the SMEs) to engage in apprenticeships. The modules of both courses are the following:  

Module 1: The Basic Principles of Apprenticeship

Module 2: Before the Apprenticeship

Module 3: Organisation and Monitoring of the Apprenticeship

Module 4: The Evaluation of the Apprenticeship

Module 5: Developing a Supportive Environment for the Apprenticeship

The course is open to any interested participant through the following link: http://www.actione-learn.eu/eappren/frontpage/index.php/en/register

A new version of the course is also available at https://actionelearning.eu/login/ Please contact Action Synergy for more details

Matching Skills Tool: The Matching Skills Tool is an innovative tool that matches the skills that the students have with the ones required by the companies in relation with apprenticeships through a simple procedure. It aims to provide the companies with candidates that match the profile they are looking as much as possible.